Script Renewals

Terms of use

This portal allows your doctor to review your file and re-issue you with another prescription if appropriate.

Only prescriptions that have been initiated in the clinic will be considered.

It is up to the doctors discretion to decide if it is appropriate to re-issue you with another prescription.

If a prescription is re-issued, it is up to the doctors discretion to decide on the duration of treatment provided on the prescription.

Prescriptions for multiple items may be requested by you.

The process of re-issuing a prescription may take up to 2-3 business days.


The cost of this process is $59.

If it is deemed unsuitable for the doctor to re-issue you with your requested prescriptions, you will receive a refund of your payment.

Alternatively, please arrange a review consultation with your dermatologist or GP.  Please ask our friendly reception team regarding fees and availability of appointments at Melbourne Skin & Dermatology.

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Please only enter prescriptions that have been issued to you in the past at Melbourne Skin & Dermatology

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