Important information about booking an appointment online

We recommend completing this process on your mobile device.

Appointment Location

  • All online appointment bookings are for our Rowville location or for TeleHealth consultations.  

  • Online bookings for our Ringwood location are not currently available.

Appointment availability

  • Not all appointment availabilities are displayed online.  

  • If you are unable to find an appointment that suits you, please call our office on 03 8595 4288 to see if we can assist you further.

A referral from a GP or other specialist is required for online bookings

  • The referral needs to be addressed to one of our dermatologists, however you can choose to see any of our dermatologists and not just the one that is named on your referral.

Registration form

  • During the process of your online booking, you will be asked to complete our registration form and health questionnaire. 

  • If your consultation is by TeleHealth, you will be asked to upload photos of your skin problem. 

  •  You will also be asked to upload your referral.  This can be done by taking photos of your referral.



Medicare Rebate with a valid referral from a doctor
Initial Consultation $285 $265 $76.80
Subsequent Consultation $195 $185 $38.60

If you are under 18 years of age, consent must be signed by a Parent/Guardian.


Should you require a procedure during your consultation, an additional out of pocket fee will apply. This can range from $50 - $750 depending on the complexity of the procedure. 

The fee for a single standard biopsy ranges from $135 - $175 out of pocket.  

As an example of a typical fee, if you were to have an initial consultation and a single biopsy;

- the concession fee would be $435.00 with a medicare rebate of $123.00.  This would leave you out of pocket $312.00

- the non-concession would be $505.00 with a medicare rebate of $123.00. This would leave you out of pocket $382.00.


Please note that if you do not have a valid medicare card, you will not receive any medicare rebates and will incur additional charges from a pathology provider if tests are conducted for your consultation.

Book your appointment

Please call our office to book an appointment with Dr Jalilian.

Appointment Type


 Please Upload Your Referral

Please note, that you will require a valid referral for confirmation of your online booking.

If you are using your mobile device, and you have multiple pages to upload, we suggest taking photos of your referral now, then coming back to this screen and tapping Browse to choose the photos you have just taken.

If you are using your mobile device and your referral is a single page only, you can tap Browse now and take a photo of your referral.

If you are using your computer/laptop and you have your referral on file, please attach the referral directly by tapping Browse.


Please take photos of your skin problem or upload existing photos here

1. Photos should be well lit. Natural lighting is best.

2. Hide “distractions.” Remove jewelry, clothing, busy wallpaper, etc.

3. Hold the camera steady with both hands.

4. Focus your photos by touching your phone screen. On most camera apps, you can pinch your fingers together to zoom in if necessary. Retake the picture if it's blurry.

5. Orient the camera parallel to your skin; do not angle up or down.


Patient Registration Form & Health Questionnaire

Patient Details


Details of Next of Kin (NOK)

Medical History

Please add any further information you would like to provide


Please note that it may take a few minutes to submit this form. 

Please do not leave or refresh this page until the page refreshes.